Access Your Tripod Account with Your Campus Email Username and Password

What’s New?

  • Easier access: Use your college email username (the part before the @ symbol) and password instead of your bar code to request, renew, hold, or book items held by the TriCollege Libraries.
  • Favorites: Once you’ve logged into Tripod you can ‘favorite’ items in Books & More, save them to lists, and email, export, or print them.

What’s Staying the Same?

  • Tripod Classic: you will still need to use your library barcode.
  • E-ZBorrow: for the time being, requesting items in E-ZBorrow will still require your barcode.
  • Guest/Visitor Accounts: also for the time being, library patrons that do not have a campus email account will need to continue to use Tripod Classic.
  • Off-campus access: you will still need to log into your campus’ EZProxy server to access article content, databases, and journals. Logging in to EZProxy or VPN will not get you access to your library account.

How Does It Work?

  • You will be prompted to log in with your campus email username and password if you:
    • click the ‘Login’ link in the upper right corner of any page (formerly the ‘My Tripod’ link)
    • are in Books & More and try to request an item or click an ‘Add to Favorites’ link
  • The first time you use the new system, you’ll need to enter your library barcode to request items, view fines, etc. After that, you’ll only need to use your email username and password.
  • For a fuller explanation see the Step-By-Step Guide to Tripod’s New Account Features


  • The first time you log in to the new account system you’ll be asked for your barcode.
  • If your campus password is longer than 16 characters, you’ll need to use Tripod Classic or change your password. We’re working on this and hope to be able to accommodate longer passwords soon.
  • If you have multiple library accounts, only one can be associated with your campus email account in Tripod. For the others, you will need to use Tripod Classic.
  • If the current email in the library system is not your campus email (you would’ve had to change this yourself) then you can either change that or use Tripod Classic.

Notes About Security and Your Library-Related Data

  • To fully ensure that your account can not be accessed by anyone else,┬áplease fully close your browser when you are done.
  • If you log out of your library account but leave your browser up, it is possible to get back into your account without providing credentials again.

Questions? Problems?