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Archive-It: TriCollege, Peace & Quaker Web Archives

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Welcome to the TriCollege Libraries Web Archives

Archive-It, a subscription service from the Internet Archive, allows institutions to build and preserve collections of born digital content. Archive-It partners, like the Tri-College Consortium, can harvest, catalog, manage, and browse their archived collections. Collections are hosted at the Internet Archive data center and are accessible to the public with full-text search.

According to the Library of Congress, “the average life of a web page is only 44 days; 44 percent of the Websites found in 1998 could not be found in 1999. In addition, site content tends to change rapidly.” Archive-It gives the Tri-College Libraries the ability to create focused collections of websites that will be archived permanently. The Libraries archive three specific types of websites: Quaker sites, Peace sites, and sites having to do with the Tri-Colleges themselves.

How To Use This Site

The sites are keyword searchable using the search boxes on the left. You can also use browse the archives sites by category, using the links to the left, or by name, using the alphabetical links above. Each website will have a brief description and three links. Clink on the name of the website to be taken to the live site. Click on the Archive-It link to be taken to a list of dates for which the site has be archived using Archive-It. Clink on the the Internet Archive Link to be taken to a different set of dates for which the site was archived in the Internet Archive.*

* The Internet Archive creates its own web archives that are separate from Archive-It. The Internet Archive and Archive-It use slightly different methods to archive web pages and they run their services on different dates. Typically, Archive-It is more in-depth because it captures more web pages on a given site, while the Internet Archive captures each site more frequently. Therefore, it is best to check both links.