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Consult your local reference librarian for help accessing a particular library.

Philadelphia Area Libraries

Academic Libraries

Public Libraries

Special Libraries & Collections

  • PACSCL (Phila. Area Consortium of Special Collections Libraries): Website | Catalog
  • Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Library: Website | Catalog

Mid-Atlantic Libraries

Other Academic Libraries

Libraries Worldwide

  • Libweb: “…currently lists over 6500 pages from libraries in over 115 countries.” Includes academic, public, national, and other types of libraries.
  • Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog: A union catalog of over 75 million items worldwide, including Europe, Russia, Australia, and North America. Especially useful for finding books from libraries and booksellers in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.
  • WorldCat: The OCLC Online Union Catalog. Over 49 million records of books, journals, newspapers, compact discs, films, prints, and other types of material cataloged by libraries around the world. Updated daily.