Advanced Searching in Books & More

Tripod’s Advanced Search for Books & More lets you easily search multiple fields simultaneously and combine terms in complex ways.

Search Fields

  • Instead of a single search box, Tripod’s Advanced Search provides several fields to enter your search terms.
  • Each field lets you specify the type of data (title, author, etc.) you are searching for, and you can mix and match search types.
  • If you need them, the “Add Another Row” button will add additional search fields.
  • The “Match” setting lets you specify how multiple search fields should be handled.
    • ALL Terms: Return only records that match every search field.
    • ANY Terms: Return any records that match at least one search field.
    • NO Terms: Return all records except those that match the search fields.

Search Groups

  • For certain searches, a single set of search fields may not be enough. For example, suppose you want to find materials about the history of China or India.
    • If you did an ALL Terms search for China, India, and history, you would only get materials about China and India.
    • If you did an ANY Terms search, you would get a lot of materials about history that had nothing to do with China or India.
  • Search Groups provide a way to build searches from multiple groups of search fields. Every time you click the “Add Search Group” button, a new group of fields is added.
  • Once you have multiple search groups, you can specify whether you want to match on ANY or ALL search groups.
  • In the history of China or India example above, you could solve the problem by using search groups like this:
    • In the first search group, enter India and China and make sure that the “Match” setting is “ANY Terms.”
    • Add a second search group and enter history.
    • Make sure the match setting next to the Search Groups header is set to “ALL Groups.”

Multiple Search Terms in a Field

  • Boolean operators can be used in each search field.
  • For multiple word search terms using the keyword drop down, you must perform a phrased search or use AND. Within each advanced search field, the default is OR. For example:
    • Citizen Kane, in one search field, as a keyword, returns 13,344 results.
    • Citizen AND Kane, in one search field, as a keyword, returns 95 results.
    • “Citizen Kane”, in one search field, as a keyword, returns 77 results.