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Special Collections

Bryn Mawr Special Collections

The Bryn Mawr Special Collections Department manages the college’s extensive collections of rare books, manuscripts, art, cultural artifacts, and the college’s historical records, supporting teaching, advanced research, and exhibitions across numerous fields. Included in the collections are Classical and Near Eastern archaeological objects; African, Asian and Native American art works; European art prints; Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts; early printed books; European travel accounts to Asia, Africa and the Americas; books on the history of women and by women writers; and papers of writers, artists, and social activists.

Haverford College Quaker and Special Collections

Quaker and Special Collections collects, preserves, and makes available the College’s rare books, manuscripts, art, and the college archives to serve the teaching and research needs of the Haverford and scholarly communities. In addition to the world-renowned Quaker collections, which illuminate Quaker life, faith, and practice from the earliest days of the Society of Friends to the present, the collections include Haverford College history; literature; United States history, particularly the Philadelphia area, abolition, and Native Americans; history of printing; relief work and aid; and Asian history and culture.

Swarthmore College Friends Historical Library

Established in 1871, Friends Historical Library collects archival, manuscript, printed, and visual records concerning the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) from their origins in the mid-seventeenth century to the present. The holdings are a significant research collection for the regional and local history of the middle-Atlantic region of the United States, the history of American social reform, the involvement of Quakers in a variety of movements and organizations, and also include the College Archives.

Swarthmore College Peace Collection

The Peace Collection is a research library and archives documenting non-governmental efforts for and peace, non-violent social change, and conflict resolution around the world. It holds a wide variety of materials and formats on secular and religious pacifism, disarmament, women and peace, conscientious objection, nonviolence, civil disobedience, progressivism, the Vietnam War era, African-American protest and civil rights, feminism, civil liberties, the history of social work, and other reform movements.

Swarthmore College Rare Book Room

The Rare Book Room houses rare books, journals, and an extensive collection of fine press and artists’ books. Notable collections include the Bathe Collection in the History of Technology, the David Keller Collection of Pulp Fiction, and materials by and about William Wordsworth, James Thomson, W.H. Auden, James Michener ’29, and Seamus Heaney.

Images and Manuscripts Database

This database contains digitized versions of materials held in the special collections of Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore colleges. While it represents only a small percentage of the materials available onsite, it includes materials of interest such as historical college images and publications and Quaker-related materials. These are grouped around themes or collections and may be browsed or searched.

Institutional Scholarship Database

This database contains college archive materials from Haverford and Swarthmore colleges, including oral histories, digitized versions of publications, and video files.

Archived Web Pages

Archived web pages contains snapshots of the websites of Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore colleges, as well as Quaker and Peace organizations. The archived web pages show what these websites looked like at specific times.